Brief Intro :
PT Bumi Nusa Makmur which was established in 2008 is an Indonesian Crumb Rubber Factory which mainly produces natural rubber SIR10 & SIR20 with bumirubber as the brand. As a member of GAPKINDO (Rubber Association of Indonesia), we represent our country to develop and improve Indonesian natural rubber in producing, processing and marketing natural rubber as one of the biggest export commoditiy products of Indonesia.
With "DAS" as the factory code, we have supplied many thousands tons of Natural Rubber for domestic market and foreign market around the world. We are quite new factory in which we are utilizing the best current model of the processing machinery for natural rubber.
Our output is 2,000 metric tons maximum per month and will be double in near future preparing against increasing global huge demand for raw material of tire industry and rubber products.
With our professional team, discipline management, and prudent response, we are here to serve your natural rubber needs.
Facts :

Name :
    PT Bumi Nusa Makmur

Type of Business :
    Crumb Rubber Processor

Year Established :

Factory Address:
    Desa Medali, Kecamatan Puri
    Mojokerto, Jawa Timur

Invested Capital :
    US$ 4,500,000

Factory Size :
    35,000 m2

Number of Employee :

Affiliate Bank :
    Bank Central Asia ( BCA )

Main Product :
    SIR10, SIR20, SIR Compound

Production Capacity :
    2,000 MT/month ( Combined )

Main Market :
    90% Export Worldwide & 10% Domestic

Sales Volume :
    US$ 70,000,000 per annum

Competitive Advantages :

  1. High tech new machinery
  2. Approved technology for laboratories
  3. Huge production Capacity
  4. Competitive price
  5. Good Reputation
  6. High Reliability
  7. Professional QC system
  8. Members of GAPKINDO (Rubber Association of Indonesia).
  9. Germany Metal Detector Inspection for each bale
  10. Mooney Viscometer testing machine
  11. Optional plastic pallet - no Fumigation, no ISPM, no Phytosanitary
  12. SNI Product (Indonesia National Standard) approved by JPA
  13. ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System guaranteed by YOQA.
Plant Overview :
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